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HR Exchange has a mission  to connect & match prospective professionals within various industries & organizations pushing the continuation and growth of our local markets and national GDP. We provide well rounded knowledge of various operations and industries that add value to both the client and candidates respectively.


Our core values are led by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we strive to treat people with respect , dignity and integrity.


We connect quality professionals within various industries including- Accounting, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing roles with the best companies.

We are an HR re-engineering firm that becomes an extension of your HR department.

We do not just provide firm staffing but also assist companies with change management, private equities, family offices, and more. 

HR Exchange creates the perfect matches between companies and employees 


No other HR firm will make sure to access the company and client needs and personally work together to create perfect professional relationships and connections.


We work with a portfolio of companies with direct access to Executive level professionals within various departments and industries, we are technical, and we treat you like a person not a number.

With over 30 years of experience we make sure we don’t waste your time.

We pride ourselves in making meaningful connections that build long term relationships with the company and its employees.

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