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Should you find happiness in your career?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

The answer is is much more complex than you think. Have you ever heard of the saying do what you love and you will never work for the rest of your life? I find that most people tend to succumb pressure from social norms and mostly end up picking the wrong career or they judge their career based on the industry or company that they are in. Perhaps a bad experience with a coworker or manager shook your world? There are certain factors that one must consider while searching for the right career and industry, we will talk about how we can improve and manage our mindset, and create a better experience within our life.

Happiness is internal and it it is a mindset

I once had a candidate call me crying and just couldn't take being at her current role anymore, I asked what was the issue or problem? She mentioned her manager was treating her very badly and couldn't take it anymore. I replied back to her there are 7 billion people in the world do not let one person ruin your life and mental state, she paused and thought about it, she then calmed down, and realized that it is a mindset, she was her own worst enemy and she let that one manager get to her and it created a toxic environment.

Set yourself up for success, one book that I recommend young professionals that I work with to read is 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson. He breaks this concept down very nicely and here it goes: Life is full of chaos and things will go wrong. It is how you manage and tackle the problem. It gets even gets deeper and breaks these complexities down to your moral fiber and core values.

Evaluate & analyze

This one is simple, when interviewing for a potential company ask questions about the environment and encourage the manager to show you the facilities ( including your potential work area) and meet other managers, many companies are now implementing these strategies dramatically reducing turn over rates across the board. As a potential candidate it is important that you ask the right questions , evaluate the environment meet as many other managers and it is okay to ask why they choose to work for that organization ( this is why I encourage you to look at the interviewers Linkedin profiles) , gives you a bit of an insight , progression and the type of professional that the organization connects with.

Learn to Adapt & Engage

Life isn't perfect , neither are you. Learn to adapt to your environment after carefully considering employment for XYZ organization, there maybe certain things that aren't as perfect or there could be improvement, do not resort to negativity rather evaluate as to how you can adapt , Rome wasn't build in one day as they say, so do not resort to stress or anxiety , take a step back and bring order to your own well being ( chaos). Always keep in mind any work environment & interaction should always promote respect , dignity and integrity.

Again, our time on earth isn't infinite , bring order to your life , do not get overwhelmed and have a positive mindset , I know it isn't easy but building routines , smiling more , engaging people at work can bring a fruitful experience to your own work environment.

" The mind is a powerful place And what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way" - Nathan John Feuerstein

Gonzalo A. Guillen


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